About the Journal Square Neighborhood

One cannot think of Journal Square without first considering its centerpiece: the gorgeous Lowe’s Jersey City theater. One of the original “Wonder Theaters” from 1929, the massive stage hosts music concerts and double-features.

The stunning 3,000 seat theater boasts a working organ to accompany silent movies. Placed on the historic register in 2009, the unique space is also available to be rented for events and weddings. Around the corner, another beautiful theater, the Stanley, now serves as a convention hall and church, and is open to the public for tours.

Before your movie or concert at the Lowe’s, grab dinner on Newark Avenue—also known as India Square, famous for its authentic East Asian cuisine. The highly anticipated Holi Hai gala brings thousands to the area every spring to participate in the colorful “Festival of Love”. Additionally, Little Manilla is lined with businesses and delicious restaurants.

Journal Square is also home to several arts collectives, Mana Contemporary and Arts House Productions, two key players in the rapidly expanding arts scene. The cultural venues host many comedy, drama, music and dance events. There’s even a weekly cable show. Mana itself is housed inside a historic industrial building from the 1920’s and has room for more than 70 artists’ studios and galleries.

Easily accessible by bus or PATH, and located a mere 20 minutes from Manhattan, this central transportation hub of Journal Square is a convenient place to catch the train to 33rd Street, Wall Street, or Newark.

In the Plaza near the PATH, you’ll find the iconic 1998 Jackie Robinson statue as well as a statue of Christopher Columbus from 1950. Also here, is the aggressively expanding Hudson County Community College, which houses one of the most recognized culinary programs in the area.

Like much of Jersey City, Journal Square is undergoing its own renaissance in both art and living. There are countless developments approved and underway as well as proposed for this incredibly convenient location.

Look for big things to continue in Journal Square from 2015 and onward.

Journal Square Neighborhood Updates