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David, the District Manager of Central Ave SID, and I have a standing monthly lunch date in the Heights. He takes me to his favorite spots to try out in his district. This time we decided to meet for breakfast at a local favorite; “Angel Azul Bakery and Cafeteria” on Central Ave.




We met at around 8:30 on a Thursday morning and the place was packed! There was a line up out the door… I told David to get a bunch of stuff so we could share. He got an assortment of breads, some fried pork and potatoes and the most delicious Cafe Con Leche!! Yum! Boy was I full, talk about carb loading!


David, tell me a little bit more about this bakery…  Angel Azul Bakery is a family owned bakery run by Eddie, Jenny and their mom. It is both Ecuadorian and Columbian, it’s been around for about 15 years. They take a lot of pride in the products they put out here.


What do people normally get here? Baked breads, one of my favorites is the fried pork…. which isn’t so healthy but it’s so good.



Delicious! This place has always been around for a long time and they’ve always maintained the prices to be very reasonable. One time, a long time customer came up to Eddie and said “Listen, I just bought these 3 pieces of bread down the street for a dollar, but you charge for one piece of bread a dollar…. you have to lower your price”. Eddie said “You paid one dollar for those 3 loafs of bread? Here is a dollar can I buy them from you?” He takes it and mushes it into a ball and puts it on the scale, then takes one of his breads, mushes it into a ball and puts it on the scale.


His bread weighed more than those 3 breads! He showed this to the customer and explained to him “Listen you are paying for AIR! I put genuine products into my breads and that’s why it weighs more, so you are getting more value for your dollar…” to which the customer said “Well, you have to keep up with the prices…. ” so Eddie said “Why don’t you buy your breads down the street then…” The customer responded “Well, your bread tastes much better!!”


Haha such a good story! That is why they have a following that they do.

It’s packed! It’s always packed with people… it’s definitely a local favorite!

Central Avenue Special Improvements District




Angel Azul Bakery


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