a piece of Thailand in the heights


After my lunch with David, the District Manager of Central Ave SID at Rumbas’ Cafe about a month ago, we made a pact to meet every month for lunch at a new spot and to also check out a new shopping spot on Central Ave. After interviewing the guys at Faded Royalty, they mentioned that one of their favorite spots was Noodlefan; a little place that serves delicious Thai food.

I met David here for lunch back in January, during my “cleanse”…. yeah, ok that lasted like 3 days. Moving on.  The place is really quaint, perfect for a lunch with friends/colleagues, or even a nice solo meal. David ordered a Thai Ice T, which looked incredible but I decided I wanted to eat my calories, not drink them…. but look at that thing!? Where is the heart emoji on this wordpress?!


I actually texted DJ Alaska from Faded Royalty and asked him what was good, he told me the chicken dumplings.  He was right! SO GOOD!! I also got a salad… I don’t know why, I think the whole cleanse thing made me crazy.


Now for the main courses. We shared a traditional Pad Thai and a simple veggie stir fry dish. The food was so fresh and tasty. What I liked most is that the portions weren’t insane and I didn’t leave hating myself!


Here is the thing that is important to note, sometimes when you order shrimp, they are tiny as hell but at Noodlefan they are massive, meaty and super fresh. I really enjoyed it and had to stop myself from eating everything!!



Our waitress was such a doll! Thanks Noodlefan! I will see you again!



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